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Stillhouse Creek Craft Distillery is TEMPORARILY CLOSED due
taking place. But not to worry, we are
still making our Premium BOURBON and WHISKEY in the
meantime. Check back in Spring 2017 for our ANNOUNCEMENT

Capturing the Spirit of North Georgia

Copper Whiskey Still

At nearly 18 feet, the 500 gallon Vendome copper whiskey still, serves as the cornerstone of the Stillhouse Creek Craft Distillery.

Every step of the distilling process is economical, environmentally safe, and pays homage to local farmers with locally-sourced produce.

The distillery water used to make the whiskey comes from a pure, natural well, while the finest ingredients, including corn, rye, barely, apples and other grains and fruits, are regionally grown. The spirits of Stillhouse Creek are truly the product of Appalachia.


White Gold Unaged WhiskeyWhite Gold

White Gold is Stillhouse Creek’s new make whiskey. Consisting of a signature blend of a locally grown corn and soft red winter wheat bourbon mash bill, this crystal-clear, unaged whiskey can be enjoyed the day it’s distilled (how’s that for instant gratification!). Each 53 gallon barrel will be tempered (proofed) individually to bring out the best in flavor, savor, and smoothness. The buttery flavor of yellow dent corn is unmistakable, and balanced for mellowness by the introduction of soft red winter wheat to the whiskey mash.

White Gold will be distinctly different in flavor from moonshine whiskey; all sugar that is converted to alcohol is derived from the natural process of converting grain starches to natural sugars through the use of the finest malt grains. Processed sugar is never added to Stillhouse Creek spirits. Never. White Gold will have a flavor that finishes smooth and invites the pleasure of drinking neat, without the characteristic moonshine burn, as well as being subtle enough to mix for superb and unique cocktails that just can’t compare to those made with brown or aged whiskeys.

Gold Dust Aged WhiskeyGold Dust

Gold Dust is a smooth, aged whiskey, stored in fine oak barrels for 12 to 18 months to achieve that perfect balance of flavor. Gold Dust will also be a wheated bourbon mash bill, but unlike White Gold, this spirit is placed into an oak barrel and aged. The mix of yellow dent corn, soft red winter wheat, and barley malt will be transformed, untempered, in a charred oak barrel.

When this product is removed from the barrel, it will be tempered for the perfect balance of smooth drinkability with the overtones of spice and leather beginning to appear to the nose. As the presence of the grains begins to give way to the oak, the flavor profiles mix into a beautiful blend of grain and oak.

Straight Bourbon


1829 Straight Bourbon

1829, named for the year of the first US Gold Rush in Dahlonega, is straight bourbon. Because certified straight bourbon must be stored in oak barrels for at least 2 years, it means that 1829 won’t be ready until 2017. But it’s a flavorful masterpiece worth waiting for.

1829 Bourbon whiskey is Stillhouse Creek’s premium product offering. It will be a straight bourbon whiskey of the wheated mash bill variety. This premium bourbon will not have the sharp spicy edge of bourbons that derive from a rye grain influence. 1829 appeals to a mellow palate and is rich in complexity with a complete lack of rudeness to the tongue. Sip this product neat in front of a warm fire with your favorite companion, or mix it for a smooth, cool Mint Julep in the summertime.

Are you longing for a taste of Stillhouse Creek’s signature whiskeys? View the list of distributors to find the location nearest you (or the farthest away if you’re looking for an adventure).
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