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A Quest to Strike Whiskey Gold…

Gold Mine Tunnel

Stillhouse Creek Craft Distillery has a deep-rooted respect for the long-standing, pre-prohibition traditions of making spirits in North Georgia and Appalachia. Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, the heart of the Gold Rush of 1829, the distillery takes pride in making small-batch, Appalachian-style bourbon and whiskey and inviting folks around the nation to experience the taste of liquid gold. But how did it all begin?

A Serious Case of Gold Fever…

It all started with a love story (cue sappy music). Yes, that’s right. The love of whiskey, the love of the mountains, and the love between Jeff and Diane are what made Stillhouse Creek come to life. But with two people, two full-time jobs, and one dream, how would they blend all of these loves together? The answer: Risking it all, they quit their jobs and poured their passion into something that can be shared by everyone—Stillhouse Creek Craft Distillery. Now that’s an 86-proof love story. And it doesn’t end there.

A Modern Twist to an Age-old Story…

At Stillhouse Creek Craft Distillery, the traditional craft of distilling whiskey meets state-of-the-art technology. An awe-inspiring Vendome copper still, standing at nearly 18 feet tall, is the centerpiece of the beautiful distillery. With the guidance of Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell, Jeff and Diane continue the Appalachian tradition while updating their recipes and techniques to appeal to a new generation of palates.

Join the love fest, dance a jig, and learn where you can purchase Stillhouse Creek spirits.
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